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IKA - Specials 2016-2

Sensational Price Celebration :

Topolino - RH Basic 2 - Ultra Turrax T18 Package - T10 Standard Ultra Turrax PCR kit - C-MAG HS 7 Magnetische roerder - Vortex 1 - Vortex 4 basic - Vortex 4 digital

KS 130 basic package - KS 130 control package
KS 260 basic package - KS 260 control package
RW 16 Basic



Ika - Package Promoties

RCT basic - Magneetroerder met verwarmplaat :


Verwarmings- en magnetische roerder RCT basic safety control

  • Temperatuur- en toerentalinstelling via digitaal display
  • Aanwijzing van de ingestelde veiligheidstemperatuurgrens via digitaal display
  • Hot Top indicator (waarschuwing bij hete oppervlakken)
  • Instelbaar veiligheidscircuit voor de verwarmingsplaattemperatuur (50 tot 360 °C)
  • Verwarmingsplaat uit aluminium
  • Geintegreerde contactthermometer met komplete functionaliteit
  • DIN bus 12878 voor de aansluiting van een elektronische contactthermometer bijv. ETS- D5 voor exacte temperatuurbepaling (a.u.b. afzonderlijk bestellen, zie contactthermometer)
  • Incl. beschermkap en PT 1000 temperatuursensor
  • Maximale roercapaciteit (H2O): 20 l
  • Temperatuurbereik: 50 - 310 °C
  • Toerentalbereik: 50 - 1500 1/min
  • Referentie: 0003810000
  • Prijs (excl. Btw): 658,00 €
  • Promotie package: 1.062.50 € --> 799,00 € (Excl. BTW)
    • RCT basic digital
      + ETS-D5 Elektronische contactthermometer
      + H 38 Bevestigingsstaaf
      + H 44 Bevestigingsnoot
      + H 16 V Statiefstaaf
  • Referentie Package: 0009022700

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Algemene Verkoopsvoorwaarden :

Netto prijs in € / excl. BTW (21%)
Garantie: 2 jaar
Leveringstermijn: 2 à 3 dagen (Aanbieding geldig zolang voorraad strekt)

Betaling: overschrijving 30 dagen na facturatie

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Ultra-Turrax / Dispergeer / Homogeniseer systemen

Homogenisator ULTRA TURRAX T 10 - Promotie Package

Homogenisator ULTRA TURRAX T 18 - Promotie Package

Homogenisator ULTRA TURRAX T 65 D - Promotie Package

Mechanische bovenroerder

RW 20 Digital - Promotie Package

RW 28 Digital - Promotie Package

RW 47 D - Promotie Package



Schudders - Orbitaal


KS 130 Basic - Promotie Package

KS 130 control - Promotie Package

KS 260 Basic - Promotie Package

KS 260 control - Promotie Package

Magnetische roerders - Met verwarming

RCT basic Digital - Promotie Package

C MAG HS 7 - Promotion Package






A 10 Basic - Promotie

Algemene Verkoopsvoorwaarden :

Netto prijs in € / excl. BTW (21%)
Garantie: 2 jaar
Leveringstermijn: 2 à 3 dagen (Aanbieding geldig zolang voorraad strekt)

Betaling: overschrijving 30 dagen na facturatie


New IKA Dispersion System

new generation of dispersion systems - Ultra-Turrax Ika

The IKA T series introduces a new generation of dispersion systems. The T 10 basic, T 18 digital, T 25 digital and T 50 digital models have been upgraded in terms of technology and functionality.

Their high-performance drives ensure maximum speed stability. With speeds of up to 30,000 min-¹, high circumferential velocities – a prerequisite for optimum product quality and stability – are achieved even with small diameter rotors. Volumes from 0.5 ml to 50,000 ml (H2O) can be processed. A rapid-release coupling system allows the dispersing tools to be changed quickly and easily. The T 18 digital, T 25 digital and T 50 dispersion units also have a display screen.

In keeping with IKA tradition, careful attention has been paid to product design. This attention to detail impressed the red dot design award judges, who awarded both the T 10 basic and T 25 digital models with the “red dot design award: product design 2012”. These awards are not only proof of IKA’s outstanding product design, but also that design is an integral part of innovative product development; development that underscores the importance of both design and functionality.

Since IKA introduced their first dispersers in the 1950’s, numerous versions of dispersion systems operating on the rotor-stator principle have been widely used in laboratories and manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

The name ULTRA-TURRAX® stands, as it always has, for first quality dispersion systems. The wide selection of IKA dispersion units and dispersion tools means that virtually all types of samples can be processed.

The extensive range of dispersion units available, from laboratory systems and pilots to industrial machines, is a unique selling point, enabling a seamless transition from product development to industrial-scale production.


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